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Kingdom of goose

WHAT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOOSEBratislava self-governing region and Bratislava Region Tourism invite you warmly to the picturesque village Slovensky Grob which will become the coronated kingdom of goose on the 3rd of September at 10am. Maria Theresa herself attending the coronation, a revelation of the statue of geese at the square, delicious food accompanied by rich cultural and musical program guarantee an unforgettable royal experience. The goal of Kingdom of Goose project is to show that goose specialities can be offered during the whole year and not only at the top season from September to January.WHERE WILL YOU BE ABLE TO TASTE TRADITIONAL GOOSE SPECIALITIESAn important part in opening the Kingdom of Goose there will be a XVI. year of open doors which is organised by the Association of goose speciality producers of Slovensky Grob. The traditional goose speciality which is characterized by its unique flavour will be offered by the restaurants of Association. There you will be able to find a tasting menu which can be bought directly on the spot or at CAN YOU LOOK FOR A FarmFest whose aim is to make the traditional artisans trades and gastronomy specialities of Bratislava region closer to the visitors will be presented at the square.Ceremonial of unveiling the statue of geese Maria Theresa will hand over a decree to the chairman of the Association according to which goose specialities prepared traditionally can be soldIntroduction of the theme song of Kingdom of GooseOfficial introduction of individual restaurants of the Association of goose speciality producersPROGRAM ON SATURDAY 3/9/201610:00              DFS Čečinka11:30              DFS Klnka12:40              Majster N13:50              Bukasový masív 15:00              Družina 16:10              Samuel Kovács, Mišo Biely17:10              Katka Ščevlíková18:10              Eva Máziková19:30              LOJZO 21:00              VIDIEKModerator: Richard VrablecPROGRAM ON SUNDAY 4/9/201612:00-15:00 Country band Hurikán15:00-18:00  Musical band Sekunda