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Authentic Slovakia

Do you feel like leaving the  crowds and experiencing an alternative tour that gives an authentic cultural insight? Authentic Slovakia offers small group tours, designed for 2 – 7 persons,  with native Slovak guides, sharing their local knowledge with funky and individual approach. If you are interested in a tour for a single traveller or a bigger group, please do not hesitate to contact Authentic Slovakia for more details.

Post Socialist City Tour 

Tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak car Škoda or an 8-seater van Škoda 1203 through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past as well as recent transformations in Bratislava. Visit Soviet monument Slavín, abandoned factories, riverside developments, 1930’s bunker line, the former Iron Curtain border zone and loads of communist architecture.

 Village Pub Crawl - Tired of the city rush but still longing for a drink? Enough of ordinary city pub crawls? Visit authentic Slovak village and try pub crawl as never before. We visit distinctive region Záhorie, north-west of Bratislava. Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!

Iron Curtain Bike Tour - Explore iron curtain area, bunkers from 1930’s, abandoned factories, Petržalka – largest socialist housing project in Central Europe and bike along the Danube. Bicycle tour for anyone who feels like exploring off-the-beaten-track places in Bratislava and its outskirts. Easy route avoiding hills, 14 kilometres long.

Devín Hike and Drink -  A pleasant hike near Bratislava with splendid views, sand cave, abandoned Cold war missile hangars, Devin castle and traditional currant wine tasting. 6-hour tour combining physical excercise, medieval as well as recent history and authentic gastronomy. Devín is a must-see destination in Bratislava.

Danube River Flow - Bratislava – A beauty, or an ugly duckling on the Danube? Find out for yourself. Step on board of a canoe catamaran and explore the city from the river with a paddle in your hand. With this exclusive experience the river Danube will be yours. The flow starts in Karloveské rameno, beautiful natural spot with preserved lowland forest 3 km westwards from Bratislava city centre.

Carpathian Caste Ruins Tour - Slovakia is a country with unexpectedly high density of castles and castle ruins. Hundreds of them are hidden in Carpathian forests, built as a protection against Tatar invasions in 13th century, serving for the next 500 years. Authentic Slovakia offers the best selection of the ruins you can see during one-day trip from Bratislava.

Flora Tour

Founded in 1991, travel agency Flora Tour has become the leading tour provider specializing in the Danube River and Central Europe. Aware of the exceptionality of this area, their goal is to provide travellers with high-quality tourist products as well as to create conditions for the development of tourism in the Danube Region