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The Sandberg

Sandberg, Bratislava


The world-known paleontological locality extending on 61 acres is created by sea sand residues. The Sandberg, now one part of the national reserve Devinska Kobyla, was 14 million years ago the bottom of a warm interior sea. Being in the locality Sandberg, you can take a look at its geological and geomorphological formations and its fossil sites. The paleontologists discovered in this precious site more than 250 extinct animal species – shellfish, sharks, whales, sea lions, antelopes, mastodons, and anthropoids. The Sandberg is from the scientific point of view one of the most significant localities in Slovakia. The view from the top of the Sandberg offers beautiful panorama on the landscape around Bratislava. If you look to the south, you can clearly see the castle Devin and Braunsberg and the Hainburg Mountain further on the background. Crossing the river Morava, you can get to the Marchfeld, dominated by the castle Schlosshof.

What to do:

The Sandberg is the best location for all visitors who would like to find out more about the geological history of today's southwestern Slovakia.

Hot to get there:

If you decide to use the public transport services, you can take the bus number 28. Getting out the bus, walk uphill, along the Primoravska ulica (Primoravska Street) and after 300 yards turn to the right at the street Slovinec. If traveling by a car, you can leave it on the parking area situated under the Devin castle and choose between two trails; one being blue-blazed, the second one red-blazed. The blue-blazed trail is less difficult. If you start your trip at the crossroads under the Devinska Kobyla, take yellow-blazed trail and after a short route you can enjoy a beautiful view on the Sandberg. The red-blazed trail leading from the parking area to Devinska Kobyla is more appropriate for those of you who like more steep roads. After getting to Devinska Kobyla, take the green-blazed trail to the crossroads Bocna cesta that leads directly to the Sandberg.

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