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Kamzík, Bratislava


The peak Kamzik (1,440 ft) in the southern part of the Small Carpathians is one of the mostly visited spots in Bratislavsky lesopark (Bratislava Forest Park). The name of the peak is the direct translation from its German name „Gemsenberg“. The TV tower witha rotating restaurant on its top was erected in the year 1974. Thedirect line of sight under favourable weather conditions reaches tothe Neusiedler See in Austria and to the Alps.

What to do:

The most favourite spot among the fans of sledging and skiing isCvicna luka (Exercise Meadow) with a rope tow. The bobsled operatesin winter and also in summer. Among summer sport activities you canenjoy is also the rope climbing in the sport centre Lanoland. Thelength of the whole construction with five types of obstacles is 464yd. If you desire a place for a family picnic or just for a walk inthe forest, take the cable-railway „Kamzik – Zelezna studnicka“.

How to get there:

If you are in the city centre, takethe bus line number 203. Its terminal stop is the residential areacalled Koliba. The green-blazed trail that begins nearby Koliba leadsyou directly to Kamzik. The access to Kamzik from Lamac (districtBratislava 4) is possible, as well. Take one of the following buslines: 23, 30, 63, 123, or 130. Their common bus stop is called“Klanec”. Get off the bus on this stop and follow theyellow-blazed, directly to Kamzik. The access to Kamzik from Vojenskanemocnica (military hospital) is less complicated - follow thered-blazed trail. For more information on public transport servicessee the site:

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