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Horsky park – The City Park Bratislava

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The city park (54,3 acres) was established in the year 1868 and is situated almost in the city centre. The whole project of the park was led by the Pressburger mayor Henrich Justi (Pressburg is the old name of Bratislava) and performed by volunteers whose aim was to transform Pressburg to a more green city. The most outstanding feature of the citypark is its fauna and flora that remained untouched for almost 150 years. The first 50 benches were installed in the year 1873. In the same year was open a children playground and also a small lodge, now named Horsky park, for the park guard. The lodge, named Horsky park, is nowadays very popular spot among tourists and citizens of Bratislava.

What to do:

The park has become very popular because of its potential, suitable for all who seek relax or just want to have a walk among the trees. The summer schedule of the city park includes many cultural events. If you would like to have a talk, while drinking a cup of coffee and tasting the traditional nut or poppy cake, accept our invitation to the restaurant in the vicinityof the park. Children would like the garden and the children playground nearby the lodge Horsky park. The lodge was renovated by volunteers whose desire is to keep the tradition of the Bratislava City Park alive for the next generations.

How to get there:

The most easy way to get to the city park is to take the bus line number 207 and get off on the bus stop “Horsky park”. For more information on the time schedule of the bus line, please, visit the site here. The bus route includes also the Prezidential Palace with the Presidential Garden that is also accessible for general public and the locality Zelezna studnicka, one of the most favourite spots among citizens of Bratislava.

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