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The Park of the Manor in the Town Malacky



The park is with its size of 74 acres one of the most significant symbols of the town Malacky. Its history is closely connected with the manor belonging to the Palffy dynasty and built in the Renaissance style, in the year 1624. The historical sources of the 19th and 20th century inform on “one of the most beautiful park in the whole county”. The selection of the park includes except oak, beech, chestnut, and pine also other tree species.

What to do:

The park is suitable especially for walks in the green, connected with the tour within the manor and spend time in the new outdoor fitness-centre. The whole complex is also very good choice for jogging, it includes also a football playground, and a restaurant. In the complex take place local cultural events, as well.

How to get there:

The route from Bratislava to Malacky lasts only 25 minutes by car, but is easily accessible also by bus or train. For more information on train and bus schedule, please click on the

link here. The park is situated between the Legionarska Street, Sadova Street, and Duklianskych Hrdinov Street.

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