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Small Carpathian Museum

Small carpathians
M.R. Štefánika 4, Pezinok
+421 33 641 20 57


Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok is a regional museum presenting the history of viticulture and wine making in the Small Carpathian area.  The museum is located in a burgher's vineyard house dating from the 17th century and attracts visitors with its interactive underground exhibition. The museum represents one of the most important central European collections of grape presses dating to start of the 17th century on through to the middle of the 20th century, as well as with additional cultivation and wine making tools, barrels, etc.  The exposition uses multimedia resources as well as other interactive elements to activate all of the visitor's senses during their tour and includes an aroma bar (recognizing the scents in wines), corking wine bottles and the opportunity to taste Small Carpathian wines with light refreshments and the professional guidance of a sommelier. The museum's collection includes around 55,000 items, primarily dealing with viticulture and wine making as well as history, folk lore and art history. A major portion of documents in the collection details events in Pezinok itself. The museum's collection includes a precious collection of faience figural sculptures from Master Ferdiš Kostka, which realistically portray the bold figures from the folk environment, different types of people and expressions of their work and lives. The museum building underwent complete renovations from 2006 to 2007. The museum also organizes regular exhibitions directly in the museum building and abroad while also conducting research, educational and training activities. The Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok organizes a range of events as well, including the Feast of St. Urban, patron saint of the wine industry, the Ceramics Market, Apple Festival, Night at the Museum and Pezinok Wine Cellars, which features tastings of the best local wines in authentic cellars in the centre of Pezinok and provides the opportunity for music and art presentations and performances.

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Kingdom of Goose

 The Bratislava Self-Governing Region and Bratislava Region Tourism are glad to invite you to visit the picturesque municipality of Slovenský Grob which will become the Kingdom of Goose Specialities on 2nd September at 2pm for the second time already. Royal experience will be ensured by the coronation of the King with the attendance of Maria Theresa, accompanied by a royal banquet, period tavern and delicious dishes along with a rich musical as well as cultural programme. The event of Kingdom of Goose Dishes aims at showing that goose specialities are offered throughout the whole year and not only from September to January.The Kingdom of Goose Specialities on 2nd September 2017 in Slovenský GrobSchedule:13:00 DFS Čečinka Children Folk Ensemble14:00 Polemic15:00 Official opening, the coronation of the King of Goose Dishes15:30 Royal banquet and dining16:15 Malalata Balkan beats17:45 Vajnory Beautification Association18:45 Družina Slovak Folk Band20:00 Klnka Children´s Folk Ensemble & Kochanski Music Band21:15 Čarovné ostrohy Dance Ensemble performing the show titled “Rockom krokom”22:30 Igor Kmeťo Jr.Presented by: Richard Vrablec & Lenka Debnárová Accompanying Events:The event of Kingdom of Goose will also include Farm Fest which aims at explaining and highlighting of traditional craft, gastronomic and product particularities of Bratislava Region. Farm Fest will bring the opportunity to taste and buy traditional goods made by 20 local specialty sellers coming from Bratislava Region on a square.On the occasion of the XVIIth  Days of Open Doors in Goose Gastronomic Operations, the Guild of Goose Speciality makers will offer a tasting menu in the value of 10€. The tickets are available and may also be purchased on The discount menu may not be ordered without the ticket and its price will be in line with an effective restaurant menu. The coronation of the King of Goose Dishes with the participation of Maria Theresa and ceremonial procession. The show of a royal way of dining.A period tavern offering local beer and having non-traditional waiting staff.