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The Educational Trail “Pezinsky Bansky Naucny Chodnik”

Small carpathians


The trail informs tourists on natural and historical features of the Pezinok region and on the local mining industry that used to shape it in the past. The trail, with all its stops, is nowadays a part of the Small Carpathinas Protected Landscape Area. The guide book “Sprievodca Pezinský banský náučný chodník s mapou” can be purchased in the Tourist Information Centre on the town Pezinok, on the Milan Rastislav Stefanik Street No. 1.  

Length: 4,3 miles

Time requirements: up to 1,5 hour
Number of stops:
14 (there are no information points on the individual stops. All information are included in the guide book)
Difficuly level:

How to get there:

Pezinok is accessible either by train or by bus.Travelling by bus, choose the schedule for one of the following lines: 102404, 102421,or 102422. The red blazed trail that begins in the town centre leads you to the crossroads Zumberg. Being at crossroads, follow the yellow blazed trail to Phillip Pinel Hospital. If you travel by car, you can leave it on the parking area nearby the Phillip Pinel Hospital.

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