Terms of use

Data Processing Agreement

  • This agreement is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 122/2013, being in force on the territory of the Slovak republic. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which the personal data will be stored and processed. The agreement concerns following data:

                           First name, last name, and date of birth,

                           Permanent address or postal address,

                           Telephone number and email address,

                           Other personal data included in provided information and files.

  • All information will be stored and processed only for purposes of registration on this website. The validity of this agreement is unlimited. This agreement can be withdrawn at any time. The implications of the withdrawal is the instant ending of all services provided by the website provider that are restricted exclusively to advertisement of all registered enterprises.

  • My agreement with processing and publishing of all digitally processed materials, for example information on my enterprise, photos associated with my enterprise, etc. The agreement regards my statement that all provided materials are in my exclusive property and are protected by my copyright. I am aware of the fact that all materials are provided free of charge.

  • 3. my agreement with publishing of all comments (reviews, assessments, comments of specialist, and comments of common public) to my private enterprise on this website.

  • I am aware of possible editing, the provider’s approval or the provider’s refusal to publish all comments that violate human rights in the context of coexistence of different nationalities, religions, ethnic groups, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, caste or all materials that are not protected by my copyright.

  • I am aware of the fact that each written reaction on my comment is completed by data containing first name and last name of a person who has been authorized to publish comments associated with my private enterprise.

  • I agree with occasional or permanent sending of newsletters on the e-mail I used during my registration process on this website.