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The Janko Kral City Park

Sad Janka Kráľa


Citizens of Bratislava are proud to have the oldest city park in Europe. The origins of the Janko Kral City Park reach to the 1870s, having been named „Sternallee“, in English the Star Avenue, since its alders, poplars, willows, maples, ash trees, and elms were planted out in a shape resembling a spider. Despite several rearrangements, the city park has remained the most favourite alternative for free time activities.

What to do:

Do you like to play volleyball, beach volleyball or frisbee? You are on the right place! Would you like to join sport with shopping? The shopping centre Aupark is situated several minutes away on foot. Are you a keen theatregoer? Visit one of the performances presented bythe theatre Arena. If you get the taste on Slovak national diet, try some of delicious dishes served in the restaurant Leberfinger

How to get there:

The Janko Kral City Park is accessible by bus from both sides of the Danube. Depending on your location, you can plan your route, using the bus lines of the Public Transport Bus Services available on the link here, choosing from two bus stops nearby the city park: “Sad Janka Kraľa”or “Aupark”. Being in the vicinity of Most SNP (The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising), you can pass the Danube and get to the city park on foot. 

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