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Červený Kameň Museum, Častá

Small carpathians
Červený Kameň, Častá
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Červený Kameň Museum is a specialized museum focused on the development of the residential culture of nobles and city aristocrats in Slovakia with emphasis on the artistic and historical aspects of the collection's pieces and the history of Červený Kameň Castle. Within this area of expertise, the museum specializes in acquiring, protecting, professionally processing, using and making accessible the items in its collection. The museum is house in a national cultural landmark, its namesake castle, which is a major landmark of European significance.

The permanent exhibition, the last part of which was opened in 1997, is focused on the culture of noble residences. The museum's exhibits draw on the rich history of the castle and the documents and landmarks concentrated in the castle and their most recent owners, the Hungarian magnates of the Pálffy family.

The museum is one of the most significant in the Slovak Republic thanks to its collection. The rich and structured collection contains around 14,000 individual items. The library with historical texts, one of the most valuable in Slovakia, is comprised of more than 14,000 bound volumes, which primarily were the property of the Pálffy family who lived in the castle (2,580 books) and from the property of other Hungarian noble families who lived in numerous manor houses across western Slovakia until 1945.

The castle itself houses an exhibition of period noble residences exhibiting a total of around 1,800 items, which is only around 13% of the museum's collection. However, the scope and contents of the collection make it one of the most significant in Slovakia. Museum visitors can admire furniture in a number of artistic styles, a large number of works of art and residential accessories (textiles, porcelain and glass items). A special part of the museum is focused on military equipment. The attractive tour offers additional attractions such a visiting the castle's underground areas, the castle moat, walks through the castle's gardens, a visit to the falconers, who offer live examples of hunting techniques, and many special programs focused on visitors and seasonal castle festivals. The museum also organizes a popular antique show and sale and night-time tours featuring presentations of scripted stories.

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